Michael Jackson Remixes Pt 12

 For Stranger In Moscow, Mr. Jackson and Sony called in Hani, Mr. T(Todd Terry), and The Basement boys(including DJ Spen) to do a little remixing. They also invited Charles Roane for another session. Below is the complete list of the official mixes to "Stranger In Moscow"(not including outtakes)...

1. Hani's Extended Chilli Hop Mix

1. Hani's Num Radio Mix

3. Charles Roane's Full R&B Mix

4. Spensane Vocal Mix

5. Basement Boys Radio Mix

6. 12" Dance Club Mix

7. Tee's In-House Club Mix

8. Tee's Light AC Mix

9. Tee's Freeze Radio Mix

Stay tuned for remixes to This Time Around!

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