Friday, June 25, 2010

This Day In Retrospect

 It's hard to believe 365 days have passed us by since Michael Jackson's death. That very day when disillusion reined supreme in all our minds. He had just Sold Out The O2 Arena and appeared more healthier then ever(since the 90's). Clearly, this guy was ready to take the world by storm! None of us ever dreamed we would hear these words on national television..."Michael Jackson died today..."

 I remember it clearly. I was on the computer surfin' the web when my mom cried out "R.J...Michael Jackson has been rushed to the hospital!"
Many things were going through my mind. "What about that medical test back in Feb?" "The media will proclaim Jackson flopped his comeback. Saying 'I told ya so!'" "Will more shows get held back?"

 Yet as time passed the news anchor announced that Mr. Jackson was now in a coma only to be changed to death. I fully admit to denying it no matter how credible the source was. Even wishing somehow they make a mistake and found someway to revive him. But my hopes were in vain.

 Eventually, I came to the realization that he was truly gone. But not until July 9th. When Parish Jackson made that sincere heartfelt remark, I could do nothing but break down and cry(even as a 24 year old male). Though the media has over-played that scene. Destroying the justice it so richly deserves.

 Michael Jackson will always be remembered as a Thriller sensation who impacted millions with his life and legacy-But was laced with numerous problems too personal to describe!

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