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Bad Extended Dance Mix

The Extended Dance Mix to Bad is what I'm talking about!

 You see, before the 90's Michael didn't subvert his music to second class DJ's and artists to get a fine remix. It was all done in the studio with MJ and Quincy.

 Now mind you, I never fully objected to him looking for modern sounds(even in the most mundane places). But I so wish he had part control rather then giving his remix projects 100% into another's hands. Thriller 25 is a prime example of this.

Anyways here's a remix Jackson put his whole heart and soul into...

Remember The Time-New Jack Jazz

The final remix to Michael Jackson's Remember The Time. There's a tale tale rumor goin' around that Teddy Riley got these remixes from a scratch tape(demos) he further mixed down to stand on their own. If it holds true then Riley mixed up to three tracks out of that one demo he submitted to Jackson. Which include the "Teddy Riley 12" Main Mix", the "New Jack Main Mix", and the "New Jack Jazz"-Which you can listen to below...

Remember The Time-New Jack Main Mix

In addition to co-producing the track with Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley spun up to three mixes for Remember The Time. Which include this one(both main and radio mix), "The Main Mix"(both 7 and 12 inches), and the "New Jack Jazz" mix.

 Like his previous remix, Teddy brings the "New Jack Main Mix" to a contemporary audience. What you'll find is a with-it vibe that can only be found in the early 90's. Listen below...

Billie Jean 8-16 Bit

Here is a snapshot at what Billie Jean would've sounded on 8-bits. At least on a Nintendo Entertainment System(NES). You can almost tell why he would be disappointed with the results(back in those days).
16-Bit Now for the game "Moonwalker", Michael approved a number of his recordings to be used(including "Billie Jean").

 In-fact, Michael Jackson was more then willing to launch 16-bit editions of his hits for The Sonic 3 Soundtrack. Had Chandler not risen those bogas accusations, I firmly believe it would've came to fruition.
But that's for another time. For, now enjoy "Billie Jean" in 16-bits.

Remember The Time-12" Main Mix

Not only was Teddy Riley Michael Jackson's co-producer. He also remixed quite a few tracks. One of them being as he termed it the "Main Mix" of Remember The Time.

 The remix is comprised in two parts. The seven inch and the 12". Analogous to the sound of the era(early 90's), Riley mixed one mean interpretation-Peppered with a New Jack twist. Along with some awesome backups! Listen below...

Billie Jean Acappella

Unlike many hot shots today, Michael Jackson never used the studio to hide vocal imperfections or glitches. Rather, he overdubbed to add in his own background effects and ab-libs(word fillers). For most tracks he only had to record the main track once.

That being said, here is an acappella recording of Billie Jean...

Billie Jean 1982 Club Mix

Also released on a Dangerous Era single is an early 90's contemporary re-work of Billie Jean-and a mediocre one at that.

 Yes, listening to Mr. Jackson's broken-up ab libs can induce you on the dancefloor in a night club(I guess that's why they have a radio edit). Not to mention, it sure beats The Underground Mix!

That being said, I'm not too impressed with Sony(and to be fair, MJ approved of it) using DJ's rather then Michael Jackson himself to dictate the layering of the mixes. For the amount of talent MJ had, I felt it was unnecessary.

 I mean being relevant is one thing. But I believe he bent too far a few times. Mainly on these side jobs.

 Now his albums were always made top notch. But that's a discussion for another day. For now, tell me what you think of this remix. Was I too harsh?

Who Is It House 7-12 Inches

Steve Anderson and Dave Seaman together comprising the Hose duo "Brothers In Rhythm" was one of the three groups of DJ's who spun their own beats to Michael Jackson's top 10 American hit "Who Is It". They both contributed remixes such as "Brotherly Dub", "Brothers Cool Dub", "Phenom's Mix" and the 7 and 12" mixes to "Brothers In Rhythm House Mix". The latter of the two can be heard below.
House 7"
House 12"

Who Is It-Patience Edit

The "Patience Edit" of Michael Jackson's top 10 "Dangerous" single "Who Is It" is the second remix in the "Patient Series" done by "Track Masters"-Also known as "Poke & Tone".

 The main difference between "Patience Mix" and "Edit" would have to be the piano note sprinkled about here and there. It's the edited version of the much longer "Most Patient Mix". Which you can find(in good quality) on the Maxi Single.

Patience Edit

The Most Patient Mix

Who Is It Patience Mix

Brought to you by Track Masters-Made up by two prominent Hip Hop DJ's. "Patience Mix" is one of four remixes connected to "The Patient Series" they did for Michael Jackson's top 10 hit "Who Is It".

 Each DJ did about three to four takes for each remix you see from "Who Is It". Unlike the others, "Track Masters" were privileged to have all(or at least most) of their work published for this album track. Listen below...

Billie Jean Underground Mix

Added as a bonus for the super deluxe edition of Thriller 25-Billie Jean(Underground Mix) doesn't really have anything going for it.

 What I mean is a typical run of the mill flux of repetition and recycled loops that go around in circles. I don't think an artist worth Michael Jackson's salt needs to get mired in Techno in order to appease a new generation.

 What do you guys think? Is it a legit remix? Or did Sony slap together some regurgitated loops in the hope of making more sales?

Who Is It Lakeside Dub

Here is Moby's "Lakeside Dub" to Michael Jackson's U.K. hit Who Is It.

 My only complaint with this mix is the term "Lakeside Dub". When hearing that phrase, pictures of Quincy and Michael jamming over "Off The Wall", "Thriller", and "Bad" typically come to mind(who knows, I could be dead wrong). To be fair, he does add a little Classical R&B/Gospel to the beat(which I like). Yet the repetitions and loop-de-loos I'm not so fond of.

 Nowadays, I hardly enjoy remixes over the original version-Weather Michael Jackson or not(there are a very few exceptions). But don't let my taste ruin yours!

Who Is It-IHS Mix

Also available from The Ultimate Collection Boxset, "The IHS Mix" of Who Is It was done by none other then Moby-Also known as Melville's great great uncle. Who happened to be the author of "Moby Dick".

 One thing you'll notice Moby infuses an old Jazz melody throughout the contents of this track(those of you who had Web TV during the 90's know what I mean). Mingled together with a bit of old school Hip Hop(well, at least his own version that is).

Listen below or if you prefer, purchase a digital copy in sequin quality right Here

C & C Take Three!

Clivilles & Cole did a guitar remix to Michael Jackson's smash hit Black Or White. Out of all their interpretations, I find this head and shoulders above the rest! From the delicate guitar lick to an acappella outro, The Music Factory has thrown together one mean mix-Vanilla and Chocolate!

House With Guitar Radio Mix

Clivilles & Cole Take 2!

C&C did a Dub Version to their "House/Club Mix" of Michael Jackson's #1 hit Black Or White. Complete with some rewound loops and repetitions which I'm not as fond of. Regardless, there are a few ripe notes infused into the mix. But if given a choice, the official club mix wins out any day!

I'm Back!!!

Hey y'all. I know you've been wondering where I've been. Well...I've got a little bit of computer trouble.

But I'm back now and plan to get back on my posty schedule. So Stay Tuned!!!

C+C Music Factory Take One

First off from the Clivilles & Cole duet is a "House/Club Mix" of Black Or White.

 I think Michael made an awesome choice inviting these two DJ's to the soundboard. I could really dig out parts of the recordings! As you all well know, I'm not much for Club beats. But this is obviously an exception!

[Alternately, you could listen to the Radio Mix Right Here]