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This Is It Single

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better! Sony has just officially announced a new Michael Jackson single to hit the shelves on October 12th(2009)-"This Is It!" will be launched to coincide with it's eponymous soundtrack and film[Edit: Well, Sony has misled the public once again. It's only a radio promo and an old rough draft at that].


What's More???

 The soundtrack will be a double disc set. The first CD will have his original master recordings. With two versions of the song-"This Is It!" Disc two will contain alternate versions of his greatest hits(remember, there are currently 91 takes to Billie Jean-According to Bruce Sweden)[Edit: Good ol Sony has lied yet again. There's one alternate take and two demos]. Together, this soundtrack will be released the day before the film opens(Oct. 28th). International fans will get it a day early(the 26th)!

No Live Album?
 Now I know what your thinking..."Another one milks the cow&qu…

This Is It To Premier 10/28/09

A motion picture behind-the-scenes documentary is poised to come to a theater near you! For two weeks(Oct. 28th-Nov. 10th), you will be able to look at every angle and see every detail of Michael Jackson orchestrating his dream. Even up to the last minute-Moments before the pop star perished.

 The videos content includes parts of the memorial and private funeral. Some live performances by The King of Pop. And a personal touch into the mind of Jackson as he rehearses, warms up, hires, couches, and explains in candid detail of what he wants to come to fruition(in interview and day to day sequence).

 A blue ray/DVD is set to launch just in time for Christmas! Not only will the video contain the whole theatrical material, but also up to two hours of live raw performances of Michael Jackson and his crew! Including warm-ups, rehearsals, and candid vocal sessions of Michael himself. That's not all!

 A live studio soundtrack will be released to coincide with the film. Containing all his…

Did MTV Conspire against Michael Jackson?

Today, I'd like to share with you an exclusive article(by Jose Salas) on what really happened that night 7 years ago for MTV's Video Music Awards. Was Michael really full of himself? Did Sony conspire with Music Television to embarrass Michael Jackson? Was it all just a big misunderstanding? Or was MTV reluctant to give Mr. Jackson his trophy? Read on and decide for yourself...

Did MTV Conspire Against Michael Jackson?
 On August 29, 2002, MTV held their annual Video Music Awards in New York's famous Radio City Music Hall. That date also happened to be Michael Jackson's 44th birthday.

 Britney Spears opened the night with a speech highlighting Jackson’s birthday and also paying tribute to his multiple achievements. While praising Michael's career, Spears referred to him as the "artist of the millennium." She brought Jackson out while at the same time a MTV staffer rolled out a giant birthday cake with a little trophy beside it.

 In what became an embarrass…

Another Rodney Jerkins Interview On Michael Jackson

Recently, Rodney Jenkins blew the lip off the cap with exclusive details working with Michael Jackson! Once again, he hints at plenty of scrapped tracks so much better then the final cuts. In addition to behind the scenes footage of The Invincible Sessions! I wonder what will become of all that?

 Jenkins further details his once-in-a-lifetime experience of being in the same room as his idol. Of hanging out at Neverland and layering over a hundred snippets(both completed and unfinished) under the microscope.
There's no need to rehash the whole interview so let me take you to the place...

V EXCLUSIVE: Rodney Jerkins Talks MJ's Last Studio Album, Invincible :

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