Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Place With No Name

 Well, another gem has just been leaked upon the World Wide Web! A 25 second snippet of an interpolated outtake. Somewhat similar in style to "America's" "Horse With No Name". I give you "A Place With[out] No Name"!

 In 1972, the Band "America" did a rendition of Nelson's "Horse With No Name" from the 60's. About 20(or so) years later, their manager gave Michael the thumbs up in doing his own version of the track. As you can tell, Mr. Jackson didn't do a rendition but an altogether reinterpretation! Here's what "America's current manager has to say about all this...

 "The band was honored that Michael chose to do their song and they hope it becomes available for all Michael's fans to hear."[note: He was Michael Jackson's spokesperson from 1988-1992.]

 No one knows exactly when it was recorded. Judging by the 25 second loop, I'd say possibly during The Dangerous Sessions. A time when Michael was transitioning producers. Go listen to If You Don't Love Me-A Rock-n-Roll outtake from the same period.
[edit: Actually, I found out through Rob that he recorded this tune around 97]

 The free sample of lyrics don't give us much insight except Michael's intense yearning for his friend or sweetheart to take him away to some remote paradise(literally or metaphorically speaking).

She said don’t you worry my friend.
I’ll take care, take my hand,
I'll take you there...Ooohhh!
Take me to a place without no name,
Take me to a place without no pain.

 As with most of Michael's work, the harmonizing vocals, sweet guitaro sounds, and authentic beat gives this snippet a wonderful aura only Jackson could create. His drive to go beyond mediocre have always set this guy apart from the crowds. I can't wait until the full version get's leaked!


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