Michael Jackson Death Rumors Debunked

 It's now been a month and we have no idea what exactly cased Michael Jackson's death. The only substance found in his home was Diprivan stored in Dr Murry's closet.

 However, all autopsy reports that has thus surfaced are blatantly false and are only contributing to a rumor mill. According to ET Online, the autopsy reports will not be released until late this week.

In the meantime, let's debunks a few rumors while we're at it.

The Missing Nose

 In reality, the coroner misidentified a devise they were using to identify cancerous cells in which none were found. Don't ask me why he thought that.

On Drug Addiction

 Again those reports of numerous needle marks and multiple tablets are fabricated. We won't know a bloody thing until toxicology reports are in. Not to mention, it's impossible to self-inject yourself with Diprivan without the needle still half-burled in your arm(the moment a drop touches your blood, your out cold).

 He was addicted to prescription painkillers in the early 90's and possibly again during the trial(maybe another fabricated rumor). However, all of Mr. Jackson's insiders(with the exception of Sheryl Lee) did not see any signs of an abuser.

No other medications have been found in his home.

On Frailty

 Just by reading several testimonies on Michael's final days here on Earth will immediately send those alarms flaring in the back of your mind! *Rumor Weed!* *Rumor Weed!*

 The man was as fit as a fiddle and had energy like a 30 year old!


 Until those coveted reports come out, see you all Thursday or Friday!

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