Is Michael Haunting Neverland?

 Just recently, Larry King gave Jermaine the floor for CNN. In addition, Mike Brando-A long-time employee and friend treated us to a thorough tour of Neverland Valley Ranch. Including his 13,000 square foot living space.

 Well as they approached a corridor, a shadowy figure very reminiscent of Michael Jackson spontaneously drifts on by from the other side. Only three explanations can be drawn at this time.

  1. Either a cast member was there behind the scenes(but where? How do you explain someone casting a shadow without being visible?).
  2. Or CNN was just pulling our leg(It wouldn't Be the first time Click Here)
  3. It's REALLY the ghost of Michael Jackson or a demon imposture his figure(the scriptures declare that the dead know nothing of the living)!

 I'll leave it for you to judge for yourselves!

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