MJ's Modern Day Spin-Offs

 From Invincible to the present day!

 If this is your fist time here, I'd encourage you to go through the collaborations I've already covered: "The Jackson Five Years", "The Jacksons-Off The Wall Years", "The Thriller Years", "The Bad Years", and finally "The Dangerous and History Years".


It's Not Worth It-While working with Michael on The Invincible sessions, Rodney Jenkins invited Mr. Jackson to contribute a few back-ups for Brandy Norwood's "Fullmoon" album track "It's Not Worth It". In return, Brandy got a chance to add her own background on Michael's song "Unbreakable". Rodney also inserted Michael's back-up vocals on his own compilation and named it "Ride With Me".

Hold My Hand-In 2008, Michael Jackson and Akon got together to record a track for "Freedom". However due to uncontrollable circumstances, it remains unreleased to this day.

&s;And that concludes our six-part series on Michael Jackson's collaborations. I hope you've learned something new about your favorite idol!

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