Thursday, June 18, 2009

Michael Jackson-The Spin-Offs Part 5

&We will now transition into The Dangerous and History Eras. If your new here, I'd encourage you to read this collaboration series from cover to cover. Starting at: "The Jackson 5 Years", "Off The Wall Era", "The Thriller Years", and "The Bad Years".

Yeah-In addition to dueting with Eddie Murphy for his "Loves Alright" album track, Michael Jackson also joined in with many to sing along on an all-star choir "Yeah". Those who collaborated include: Stevie Wonder, Garth Brooks, Paul McCartney, Amy Grant, Emmanuel Lewis, Alton John, Heavy D, among many other well-knowns.

&The song doesn't really go anywhere but when you look at the whole of Eddie's Loveland album, the pieces starting fitting on the puzzle.

To Satisfy You-After not making the Dangerous sessions, Michael Freely gave this track to Bryan Loren for his 1992 album "Music From The New World". Yet Michael's background vocals were intentionally left in there as it suited this track quite nicely.

"Why" and "I Need You"-During his "History Years", Mr. Jackson thought it worthwhile to help out his three nephews for their 1995 album debut "Brotherhood". "Why" was a duet between the sons of Tito and their Uncle Michael. "I Need You" consisted of him singing in the background. To learn more, go visit my post on 3T Feat. Michael Jackson.

Happy Birthday Lisa-During the early 90's, Mr. Jackson did a few songs for The Simpson's. "Do The Bartman" was written and produced by Michael. And so was "Happy Birthday Lisa". Except the latter was also sang by him(well at least in a demo). For more on The King of Pop's work with The Simpson's, Go Here.

&And that is all for this good evening, thanks for dropping by and keep Michealing!

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