Did Big Pharma Kill Michael Jackson?

Now we have 4-6 weeks to wait for the absolute proof. Yet evidence is pointing to an adverse reaction to Demerol-A completely legal(according to the FDA) substance used to kill pain. Michael Jackson's personal doctor injected a shot into his arm because of a sprained ankle during last evenings(June 24th, 2009) rehearsals. Though layers have denied such claims, shot-marks have been found in his arm.

During Wednesday Night's warm-ups, there was no indication of any dumb-foundedness(a druggies high) nor pain of any kind. According to Kenny Ortega, Travis Paine> Frank Delio, and many others, Jackson couldn't have been in greater spirits! His singing and dancing(with Laryngitis as an exception) was up to par and did not miss a step! You can read the whole story that rehearsal night Here.

But then came lunchtime. Michael was found sprawled out on the floor with a weak pulse(this rules out cardiac arrest). His doctor called 911. The paramedics came and tried to resuscitate the legend to no avail. At the UCLA Hospital, family gathered around and was devastated by the words that fell from the physicians lips.

"Michael Jackson has been pronounced dead at 2:16 P.M. June 25th, 2009."

Although I do not have concrete proof, I strongly believe had he not been injected with any Demerol that night, it would have been business as usual preparing for the greatest comeback off all time!

Read this article for A possible link to Demerol.

Stay tuned for my own tribute post to Singer Michael Jackson!

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