Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who Will Usher In The King of Pop?

This is Official! According to Aeg Live, Michael Jackson has just donned Leonard Rowe as his new manager as of March 26th! His job will be to promote Mr. Jackson's mini-tour(London residency). If things turn out great, this may very well go beyond the o2 Arena unto one major metropolis within each continent. All part of a three year contract he has with Randy Phillips-The man behind Aeg.

So Who Exactly Is Leonard Rowe?

He is a legendary concert promoter who worked with the likes of Marvin Gaye, Prince, R. Kelly, and many other classics including The Jackson's "Destiny" and "Triumph" tours. This man has fought on behalf of many celebrities against the discriminatory practices among various record companies(someone he most desperately needed during "Invincible").

Let me just close with a quote from Mr. Jackson himself and an interview by Leonard Rowe.

"I am very pleased that Leonard has accepted my offer to manage my business affairs during this important period in my career. Leonard Rowe has been a long-time friend and business associate whose judgment I have come to trust."

*April Update*-Sources are now saying this was a big hokes. One journalist even went so far as to accuse Joe Jackson of authoritarian control. But recently that editor has been fired over spilling the beans on the next series of X-Men due this Summer. So just to let you all know, Dr. Tome Tome is still Michael Jackson's spokesman.

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