Saturday, March 21, 2009

Did Michael Fool Us?

Was That Really Michael Jackson? There have been numerous rumors cascading across the internet. Namely the fella you saw make a five minute speech was not Michael Jackson but a convincing lookalike. They point out to us that he seemed taller with a hunched posture and a deeper voice(not to mention running over an hour behind schedule). Yet all these claims can be easily debunked.

First off Michael got stuck in rush-hour traffic somewhere deep within the tunnels of London(that would explain making a late entrance). Second, microphones are notorious in making certain peoples voices seem lower then in person(and I'm one of those fellas too). Common sense tells us wearing any kind of boots would inflate your height(heck girls do it all the time to not feel awkward in front of their boyfriends). Lastly, Mr. Jackson has always been known to hunch while he walks. If you could recall the documentary"Living With Michael Jackson", you'll clearly find instances where he hunches while strutting through the mall.

So as you can tell, this is just another fancy story invented by a yellow journalists hoping to cash-in on his rumor weeds. Here's what Navi(Michael's official decoy) and AEG have to say about this...

"If that wasn't Michael Jackson, I might as well give up - because it means there must be someone out there who's better than me."

"It's completely ridiculous. We can categorically guarantee it was Michael Jackson on stage. Maybe Elvis was at the press conference too."-Randy Phillips

The story can be found at Mail Online(from the U.K.).

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