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Yet Another collaborator-Stargate

About a month ago, an insider who's also an active member of let the cat out of the bag on yet more potential candidates for the new album. The tracks have not been identified.

However, two men from the Norwegian backwoods have been in talks with Michael Jackson. Together, they form a composition duo by the name Stargate(not the series). Today's R&B mascots owe their success to these two fellas. Particularly Beyonce, Ne-yo, Akon and shakira.

The way I feel, Michael is window-shopping for for new sounds and is willing to go even to the ends of the Earth. If that will get him what he's looking for. You see, Mr. Jackson has plenty of creative juice reservoirs to tap into for inspiration. All he's searching for are spices to ice up the cake.

You may think Michael Jackson is out of his mind. But remember.

1. These tracks may wind up as outtakes.

2. His remixes don't reflect his albums since someone else(usually a prominent artist or DJ) does the mix…

Is Mr. Jackson Really Getting "Eatin' Alive"?

Recently, there have been sensational claims heralding Singer Michael Jackson with a rare flesh-eating super bug! The report goes on to say his poor hygienic Plastic Surgeon is to blame. However, let's take a closer look from where this paper get's it's sources.

The story was done by non other then a journalist by the name of Rodger Friedman of If that doesn't ring a bell, "The Sun"(A U.K. based tabloid agency) is where he get's these sources from. In this case, they(The Sun) obtained this juicy tidbit from(dare I say) Ian Halperin. Yep, the same fella not too long ago tried to sell a peeling Moonwalker on a wheel chair(complete with a long infection and a rare genetic disorder).

This time around, he's obtained photos of Michael leaving a medical center in Beverly Hills. With a face mask and inflammatory skin. While conveniently leaving out an important factor-Vitiligo(a progressive discoloring of the skin). Many patients who get treated wi…

Yet Another Worthless Lawsuit/Off The Wall 30 Might Be Another Rehash

As if being betrayed by a long term friend weren't enough, Dibango adds insult to injury with a second lawsuit. But it's not just Michael who's getting the heat. Rising star Rhianna is also getting her share of the suit. Nothing is confirmed at this time. But reports claim Michael gave her permission to to borrow "Ma Ma Sa Ma Ma Se Mama Coo Sa". Yet neither of them sought Manu Dibango's approval. The only thing we know for sure is we don't know if this case will stand or be denied till February 17th.

Off The Wall 30
Now about Off The Wall 30. The latest news from Sony delays it's release an extra month(with no exact date planed yet). Also, there's been some rumors that Jay-Z, Rhianna, Justin Timberlake, and Amy Whine House will be reinterpreting these tracks much the same way as Thriller 25. Again nothing has been confirmed. Whatever the outcome, hopefully he'll release some good rarities and demo's(unlike last time).

[*Update*Yes Michael J…