The dissatisfied Jackson Clan sullenly stars back at the camera due to Motown's creativity restrictions

 Well, enjoy it while you can. Cause Bubblegum is about to be thrown out the window. Due to Michael's transcending pubescent vocals and the ever changing tides of music, The Jackson Five must adopt a new sound or risk becoming a has-been!

 "Skywriter" is their last stick of Bubblegum. Savor each tasteful bite before Disco sucks all the flavor out.

 So far, I've already gone over "Big Boy", "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5", "ABC", "The Third Album", "The Jackson 5 Christmas Album", "Maybe Tomorrow", and finally "Lookin' Through The Windows". Now let me introduce you to


 The opening caliber takes us on an amazing and adventurous trip. With air-tight auto-tone vocals by Jermaine. What could've rivaled The Electric Band Orchestra wound up becoming a forgotten classic!

 "Hallelujah Day" progresses the spirit of optimism. But this time with a little Gospel mingled into the riffs. "The Boogie Man" is an early 70's play on Rockn' Roll and good old-fashioned Halloween fun. With perfect rhythm and harmony!

 The album losses it's mojo on track 4 onwards. The exception would be the preppy and uplifting "You Make Me What I Am" and the powerful rendition of "Love's Gone Bad"(by Chris Clark).

 Had They attained full creative control and had The Corporation not fractured, Skywriter would've soared across the sky to #1! That aside, the first three and last two cuts are out of this world(outtakes included)! The rest is nothing but mediocrity.

1. Skywriter

2. Hallelujah Day

3. The Boogie Man

4. Corner of The Sky

5. I Can't Quit Your Love

6. Uppermost

7. World of Sunshine

8. Ooh, I'd Love to Be With You

9. You Made Me What I Am

10. Love Is the Thing You Need

11. Love's Gone Bad


 Well, that about ends our flight through the album Skywriter. Join me as I review their next LP G.I.T.-Get It Together.

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