Monday, September 01, 2008

The Jackson Five "Third Album"

The Third Album saw The Jackson Five score 5 #1 black singles

 Now for their most successful LP yet. Let me give you the "Third Album"(don't ask me why. They just named it that way)...

 In many ways it seems the "Third Album" is somehow an extension of "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5" and "ABC". Mainly in respect to their record four-score hits! Now let me give you a birds-eye analysis.


 Following their two predecessors comes the fourth chart-topper-A memorial tune transcending Bubblegum and Motown-the reassuring Ballad "I'll Be There". Followed by a #2 Funky delirium "Mama's Pearl".

 The rest of the album is chalk full of silver platelets worth mentioning. Notably the homesick Rock N' Roll parody "Goin' Back To Indiana" and a cover to Paul Simeon's touching "Bridge Over Troubled Waters". The hidden wisdom of "Reach In" coupled with a peppy rendition to "Oh How Happy" further proves The Third Album is worth an earshot.

 If it wasn't for James Jamerson's downright Funky guitar riffs, those Smokey Robinson covers would've been unnecessary.
Otherwise, I give The Jackson 5 an A on this album! Purchase your copy of the "Third Album" on vinyl today!

#1 I'll Be There

#2 Ready Or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide From Love)

#3 Oh How Happy

#4 Bridge Over Troubled Waters

#5 Can I See You in the Morning

#6 Goin' Back To Indiana

#7 How Funky Is Your Chicken

#8 Mama's Pearl

#9 Reach In

#10 The Love I Saw In You Was Just a Mirage

#11 Darling Dear

#12 Sugar Daddy


 Well, that about wraps it up. Stayed tuned for my next album review-The Jackson 5 Christmas Album!

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