Saturday, August 30, 2008

Michael Jackson's 50th Birthday and Other News

 At 12:01 A.M. August 29th(2008), Michael Jackson hit the half-century mark! Yet claims to feel no more then thirty!

 Fans far and wide threw parties all around the world. But he opted instead to spend the day with his kids. Settling down over a few classic cartoons while having cake n' ice cream. Even watching a few bootlegged tapes on James Brown live.

 ABC got the privilege to phone an interview with The King of Pop! They touched on a few subjects ranging from his life's work and even debuting a new dance move for the world to see(when the times right).

Michael Jackson Dance Contest

 A new contest has just erupted from many social networking sites including, Myspace, Facebook, and Bebo. Very much like playing an e-guitar. Press the high-lighted arrow at the right place at the right time! Whoever scours the highest points wins anywhere from a Michael Jackson I-Pod Nano to a free round trip for two across the world! Other prizes include a plasma T.V. or a PlayStation 3! Many will enter. Only a handful will win a prize!

 So go ahead and play Michael Jackson Dance now! While there's still time.

Michael Spotted At Planet Hollywood

 Michael Jackson was spotted having dinner at Planet Hollywood with his three children earlier this month. As seen from the images below...

Michael Jackson spends the day at Planet Hollywood with his children

 And that's all the MJ 411 I have today. Now back to our regular scheduled posts(a.k.a. Third Album). Next: Time For Another MJ 411!

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