Thursday, May 01, 2008

Who Is It

After Michael Jackson's outstanding acappella performance on The Opera Winfrey Show, Who Is It shot up to #1

 :The man is dumb-founded, Cheated, and betrayed. Never was it the same again. Everytime he saw a business card, the pain would only come back to haunt.

 It all started one beautiful morning. They just got back from honeymooning. Michael got up early to make breakfast in bed. But she had other plans.

 Cleverly she puts on a sincere face explaining about an important interview to attend. Knowing first-hand all about these meetings. Michael reaches out to quickly peck her on the cheek to wish good luck.

 walking out the door, she drops a business card behind. Later that morning while off to the studios, he notices vanilla blank card.

 In bold black letters it stared him in the face. She was a professional whore who cheats for a living! Michael burst into tears and left his home to walk the narrow streets of shame. That's were the song begins. Thoughts of guilt and shame rushed like torrents through his mind. "I cannot love another" said he in despair. "How could she do this to me"? "Now she's up and gone and I'm left in this pit of despair"

 In bliss, she returns home thinking Michael how naive he is will never know. Her butler came to the door with a letter.

 Embarrassed and humiliated, she shrugs it off. "he's got his career. I've got mine". Then takes off in a limo with a new lover. Leaving Michael behind.


 In 1993 Oprah conducted an interview where the King of Pop sang "Who Is It" in acappella. Beat Boxing and all. For the first time Michael reveals his skin disorder to the public. How it forced the guy like many others to bleach his skin head to toe.

 Busy touring around the world, Jackson let E'Casanova impersonate him in parts of the music video. He resembles more of the King of Pop then anybody thus far. I believe he's French.

Anyways, here's the short film...

Song lyrics | Who Is It lyrics

The following mixes can be found on his various Who Is It Single Editions.

1. The Most Patient Mix & Edit
2. Patience Mix
3. Patience Beats
4. Oprah Winfrey Special Intro
5. Brothers In Rhythm House Mix & 7"
6. Brotherly Dub
7. Brothers Cool Dub
8. Phenom's Mix
9. Single Edit
10. Acappella
11. Instrumental
12. Demo
13. IHS Mix
14. P-Man Dub
15. Tribal Version
16. Lakeside Dub
17. Moby's Raw Mercy Dub

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