Before those dreaded child allegations, Michael Jackson planned a final single release for the Dangerous sessions. "Gone Too Soon" had to suffice as the ninth and final single.

 There are currently two versions that we know of "Dangerous". The two I'm about to show you I believe would've appeared on the single. Personally, I favor both equally as two different takes.

 In '93 he performed a skit for the tune as a secret agent. Which would become another signature routine for him. A hybrid between Smooth Criminal and this song. Preferably, I wish he sang this tune alone.

 When I first heard this track, my imagination went wild! I pictured a sub clanking along the amway while columnist debated weather Jackson could pull it off once more it being the 90's.

 The train clanks on by until it's gone. Suddenly on the other side of the tracks, Michael Jackson & his crew appear out of nowhere walking(this is when the song starts). They hyperactively change positions each time the song changes gear before Michael emphatically get's into his story about an adulterous woman.
It's Just a thought.:)

Next we'll get into a discussion on his Dangerous outtakes. Stick around!

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