Monday, May 05, 2008

Gone Too Soon

In honor of Ryan White, all proceeds of this single-Gone Too Soon went to fighting AIDS

 Michael dedicated this song to a special friend who died of AIDS in 1990 at the tender age of 18. His name was Ryan White.

 Like other children who were terminally ill Jackson invited Ryan over to Neverland Ranch. Where he could have the time of his life and bond with the King of Pop before facing that final battle. Michael earnestly was involved in finding a cure.

 In fact, he was invited to the inaugural bowl for former president Bill Clinton. However, little did he know about how corrupt the medical establishment was(and still is). And their ties with the Clinton's and the Bushes.

 A short clip of him and Ryan can be found on Dangerous: The Short Films. A year or two later, Kenneth Babyface Edmonds who would later go on producing with Michael, created his own twist while working with Stevie Wonder.

1. "Gone Too Soon" – 3:21
2. "Human Nature" – 4:05
3. "She's Out of My Life" – 3:38
4. "Thriller" – 5:57

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Stay tuned for the finale-Dangerous!

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