Thursday, April 24, 2008

In the Closet

In The Closet would become Michael Jackson's second #1 R&B single off of the Dangerous Album

 It was feeding time at the zoo. Tabloids harnessed the opportunity to dabble on Jackson's sexuality. Everything from being gay, bi-sexual, and a transvestite was covered in the headlines. The King of Pop had now also become the King of Tabloids.

 Nevertheless, folks just couldn't get enough of the song. Reaching #1 for R&B. Michaelmania was still alive and well across the globe.

 With state of the art innovative sound-effects, He was always looking for something that's never been done before. You can definitely feel the shattered glass and the typical sound-effects you'd only find in a stuffy claustrophobic storage closet. Leave it to Michael for creating a pop sensation out of an ordinarily overlooked part of your house.

 :Originally Madonna wanted to collaborate. Making it even more provocative. However Jackson didn't approve and wanted to keep it heterosexual.

In The Closet-The Short Film

 Michael had a heck of a time counter-attacking those rumors questioning his sexual orientation. Tantalizing the media, Michael advises Naomi Campbell to keep their love a secret and not to arouse passion before it's time.
But I find that hard to believe.

 To me, the film was too erotic and suggestive(the most explicit he's ever gone). I realize that sex sells. But must major celebrities unfortunately detour from the straight and narrow.:(

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