Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why You Wanna Trip on Me

 Michael questions the media. On why his looks are more of a priority then world hunger? Why Mr. Jackson's eccentricities are more urgent then poverty?

 Though false allegations had not surfaced yet, many tabloids struck it gold spreading tell-tale alibis about The King of Pop! Even going so far as to call him a drag queen(The Latoya is Michael story).

 As with "Jam", I felt his vocals were a bit over-dubbed and sounded very watery and desperate. Not to be on the negative, I loved the track. Especially it's rhythmic arrangements and hard knocks beat. Yet(in my opinion), they should of kept it real and laid off the mixers a bit.

 During the recording sessions, Teddy Riley himself picks up an Ovation Acrostic Guitar and does a number for the intro. Thus mingling Heavy Medal sounds with R&B and taking it to the streets.

Next: "In The Closet"!

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