Leave Me Alone

Only available in Europe, Leave Me Alone nevertheless became a radio sensation!

 The single never made it right here in the States. But the U.K. topped it out at #2. The song itself became a radio sensation over night!

 The composition has an 80ish sensation. With a strong beat prominent during that time. Much like repetitively slamming wood in a carpenters warehouse or iron in a factory. I love the strong keys getting beefed-up to a tune.Hard to believe. All this comes from Michael Jackson's head?!

7" Single
1."Leave Me Alone"–4:40
2."Human Nature"–4:05

12" Single
1."Leave Me Alone"–4:40
2."Human Nature"–4:05
3. "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"–6:04

Also check out Leave Me Alone-Extended Dance Mix

Leave Me Alone-The Short Film

 The video starts out on a typical 80's hydrolix scene where everything falls up from his RV. Many artists have used this feat on there music videos if you'd could remember staying up late watching MTV.

 Here we have Michael's first satire on the media. Labeling the tabloids as hound dogs. Desperate to get a story. Then hype it up to their fancy. So more people would buy their headlines.

 From the hyperbolic chamber, Elizabeth's shrine, to The Elephant Man. Although many artists have done such feats, for Michael it just got way out of hand.

 Eventually Jackson portrays himself as Gulliver. Just like how they tied him up on small island. So yellow journalism attempts to bound Mr. Jackson on Neverland. In the short film, Michael breaks free from the constraints of the media. Unfortunately, reality never allowed him that luxury.

michael-jackson-leave-me-alone-Lyrics | Michael Jackson Leave Me Alone lyrics

...And there you have it! "Bad"! Tomorrow I will discuss the songs that did not make it on the album(also known as Outtakes). Till then, have a splendid evening!

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