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"Bad" Session Outtakes

 There are over 21 songs which never made the final cut(likely many more). As mentioned earlier, Michael intended "Bad" to be a triple-platinum album. Up to a total of 30 tracks. 10 on each set.

 Due to industry standards, Quincy had to cut it down to one disc with ten tracks. But eventually, Jackson agreed(reluctantly) to do one disc. Yet his then record label allowed Michael to add just one more song-"Leave Me Alone".

Now here is the list of some other tracks which for some reason never made it on the cutting floor.


 Included as a bonus on the 2001 edition. I was ecstatic when this tune first reached my ears! Easily would this track top all the charts around the world! A short film was planned to promote it. But was shelved after not making it on the final cut.

I swear, you can almost hear Stevie Wonder playing the harmonica!

Fly Away

 Originally written and produced by Michael Jackson. He gave it to Rebbie for her 1998 album "Yours Faithfully". "Fly Away" would of made a remarkably soothing conclusion to the album right after "Leave Me Alone".


 One of Michael's favorite "Bad" tracks. "Cheater" is another priceless jewel of an outtake! No wonder the final track selection was hard to come by!

There is a new version. Featuring the Notorious B.I.G. Which has also been shelved during the Invincible Sessions.

Al Capone

 One of two demos Michael was working on where "Smooth Criminal" eventually emerged. Yet "Al Capone" is a totally different song in it's own right.

We are Here to Change the World

Now available for the Ultimate Collection, Jackson recorded this for Captain EO. A Disney 3D show that's since been taken down(1994 at The Magic Kingdom and 1997 at Disney Land). It was rejected from the final cut of the album "Bad".

Buffalo Bill

 Loosely discussed on the "Unauthorized Interview. But never completed before either album release("Victory" and "Bad").

Bumper(Bad Album Snippet)

 An unleaked original "Bad" album snippet featuring Michael singing "Girl, you groove me". Yet it was never finished in time. Later on, he would over-dub his voice during The Dangerous Sessions and throw in some urban sound effects. A boy can be heard saying "We create the world we live in"

But again, it was shelved as incomplete due to time constraints.

Chicago 1945

 Another demo together with "Al Capone" inspired John Bernard and Michael to create "Smooth Criminal" which were shelved in favor of the latter. Yet in 2001, Chicago 1945" was reworded and reconsidered for the album "Invincible". There have been hints of it possibly being updated and included on his upcoming album(2009-10?).

Come Together(MJ Version)

 Since "We are Here to Change the World" and this Beatles cover had their moments on film, Michael left them out. But in 1995, the song was added to the "History" tracklist. After not making it on the "Bad", "Days of Thunder" soundtrack, and "Decade Compilation" around 1990.

Originally, John Lennon wrote the song for the Beatles in the late 60's. Yet Michael(who owned the Lennon/McCartney Rights now expanded under the Sony/ATV umbrella which he owns half) loved this Beatle song. So much so, he insist it be the finale to "Moonwalker-The Short Films.

Crack Kills(Featuring Run DMC)
 A T.V. ad saying no to drugs but never got finished in the recording studios. Michael did not like where rap was going. Of course that's before Rodney Jenkins came into his life. Not only that but the members of the group never got along with Mike and Quincy.

Hot Fever-Later became what we now know as "The Way You Make Me Feel".

Price of Fame-Planned for a Pepsi shoot. Until "Bad" replaced it. And has been shelved to this day.

Tomboy-As the tittle implies, Michael has a crush on a chick. Who's fondly into sports and other guy activities.

Pyramid Girl-
A demo for the Victory and Bad sessions. Eventually tuned out to be Liberian Girl.

A Pretty Face-An old Jackson 5 outtake Michael wanted to remake for the album "Bad". But sadly, it never made the cut.

Color Of My Soul-It was believed Michael and Randy collaborated with another girl. It's still in production hell to this day. Both brothers formally left the Jackson's in '86.

Eatin' Alive(Duet With Diana Ross)-Although a duet had already been released in 1985. Michael recorded his own demo version that never found a spot on the "Bad" album. But you can listen to the duet Here.

Five other songs never made it. No info has surfaced. Except what you see here.

"What You Do To Me"
"Get In To The Groove"(possibly "Black or White's" demo)
"Turning Me Off"
"Neverland Landing"(Beware: a fake leak is lurking around)
"Throwin' Your Life Away"

Join with me tomorrow as we talk about "Moonwalker"!

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