Sunday, March 02, 2008

Somebody's Watching Me

Anything with Michael's voice instantly soured! And it was no different with Rockwell's duet. Reaching #2 for the billboards Top 100 and #1 on r&b. Found on his album by the same name.

For his part, Michael pitches in with a refrain of "I always feel like. Somebody's watching me ooh.ooh..oh..." But only Rockwell stars in the short film in which many were heavily participating. Think about it. Right after the Thriller monster mash, anything remotely spooktaculor which added Michael Jackson in the mix was a must see!

Short Film
One interpretation comes to portray a man sick and tired of the FBI's constant spying schemes. Never feeling secure about these hound-dogs watchin' every move he makes.

A more popular view shows a man being haunted by ghosts in his house. I'm more inclined to lean toward this one. Since "Thriller" just came just came off the shelves and many equivocated Michael Jackson with Halloween Night.

- Rockwell Lyrics

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