Saturday, March 01, 2008

Michael Jackson-Whatzupwitu

As a returning favor for staring in the short film "Remember The Time", Eddie Murphy invited the King of Pop to do a music video around '92. Upon the thesis "Man is just a creation. Man is nothing more". A protest on how mankind is destroying God's Creation. They deliver the message in a flashy down to Earth fashion. A style so common around the turn of the 1990's.

Speaking of the early '90's, "Old School Flow"(from the latter part of the 80's) was on it's way out and New Jack Swing followed it's heels. Gangster Rap would soon inundate both sounds from 1993 onward.

Without further ado, here's the short film.

Michael Jackson Ft. Eddie Murphy-Whatzubwitu

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Watch the making of Whatzupwitu here.

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