Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Off The Wall" Outtakes

 Today I'd like to set aside this post on outtakes from Michael Jackson's very first adult solo "Off The Wall". It is said that Michael and Quincy had hundreds of songs at their disposal with 50-60 completely furnished for potential release. Of course it was unheard of to have that many songs on a studio album. So by necessity, both Mike and Q had to trim it down to 10 tracks.

Sunset Driver

 Written and composed solely of Michael Jackson. This has a very pulsified rhythmic Disco twist. You can actually feel the Funk flowing through your vains! It baffles me to see this never made the final selection. I believe it had potential to surpass Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive". Which cost Mr. Jackson from obtaining a second Grammy in 1980.

Startin' Somethin'

 The very first demo is currently unknown to us. But as you might of guessed, it probably contained a sound more intone of the times)late seventies sound). Yet a latter outtake including the official version can be found on a sister post Wanna Be Startin' Somethin".


 In 1977, Michael wrote a classical number about a little girl so neglected and lonely, she took her own life. But it wouldn't be until 1995 when we would come down to us as "Little Susie".

Other Outtakes

Other known outtakes(remember, there are hundreds more we don't know of) include,

  1. Goin' To Rio

  2. You Ain't Gonna Change Nothin'

  3. Kentucky

  4. What A Lonely Way To Go

  5. Thank You For Life

  6. In The Life Of Chico

  7. Holiday Inn

  8. Iowa(Another Classical masterpiece like Susie)

  9. You Told Me Your Lovin'

  10. Under Your Skin

  11. Ode To Sorrow

  12. Got To Find A Way Somehow

 So far we know nothing except for the fact they were confirmed "Off The Wall" outtakes. A few were co-written by Carol Sager Bayer. But most of them are written and composed by Michael Jackson. Next be sure to join me as I take you through "The Jackson's "Triumph" album.

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