Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Michael Jackson-The Way You Love Me

Yet another precious gem from the Invincible Album session recordings which was cut from the final selection. Thus, becoming another overlooked outtake.

In 2003, Michael Jackson was in the works of another studio album(Resurrection?). As a debut single, "One More Chance" was to accompany a music video(now in production hell). The latter came to a screeching halt due to rising allegations of child molestation.

Last minute arrangements were done to release another *cough* greatest hits compilation *cough*. Along with the single. It reached number one for about a week. Then tragically tumbled off the charts(due to his tarnished image). Michael suffered the lowest sale figures since taking off into the stratosphere with the "Thriller" album. In 2004, he released a greatest hits box set. This time he insisted on filling the gaps with treasured outtakes. Including "The Way You Love Me".

Sure enough, it was a struggle. "The Way You Love Me" and "Heaven Can Wait" must of baffled them for hours. I could just scene their disarray. If I were them, I'd put them all out. Except only in a flowing sequence(not all jumbled up in a sea of confusion).

This will leave you mesmerized! I swear! The piano almost sounds like what Paul McCartney or Greg Philligenes would do. Just listen.


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