Michael Jackson-Beautiful Girl

This is only a demo of "beautiful girl" which of course never made the "Invincible Album Sessions. The finished product is yet to be heard(it may never come out). You can only find this demo on the "Ultimate Collection Box Set"(released in 2004).

He could make #1 if this were on a Romance soundtrack! It's so simple in it's junior innocence. You can almost feel a little "Human Nature" jolt within the medley(especially around the climax).

"I'm alone with a beautiful girl
Oh I'm alone with a beautiful girl......."

"It's not like I'm dancing and romancing
In her arms heee.......(low pitched)
It's just a part of me
Can't you see that I'm
I'm in love......."

Beautiful Girl Lyrics and Song

Beautiful Girl

There an instrumental that's just been leaked over the net. It's not in pristine condition but you can listen to it over here(I have a feeling some fan ripped out his main vocals.

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