Michael Jackson Death Anniversary

 It has now been two full years since that dreaded date. When Headlines all across the globe cried in unison "The King of Pop is no more". Right then and there, a part of us died along with him.

 It all started with breaking news. "Michael Jackson has been rushed to the hospital". Hoping to be just another prank, we learn it's the real deal. Furthermore, a reported comes on later affirming that he's slipped into a coma.

 At that moment I was in denial. I mean, how could someone past the medical exams with flying colors suddenly pass into a perpetual dream? But then the cold naked truth was leaked! "We interrupt this broadcast to announce that Michael Jackson has passed away".

 All our prayers, wishes, and longings were in vain. Michael had been dead all along! Many there were who literally burst into tears. Like John Lennon and Elvis Presley, we've lost another one of a kind legend. There won't be another like him. That's for sure!

Here's a 15 minute short documentary below titles "Never Can Say Goodbye"...

Never Can Say Goodbye from Dianna Dilworth on Vimeo.

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