Friday, December 10, 2010

Hold My Hand Akon Duet

 On November 15th(when my PC was down), "Michael's debut single "Hold My Hand" made airwaves across the globe. Receiving generally raving reviews(but with few exceptions).

 While some were trumping it as an anthmic reminiscent of "You Are Not Alone". Others felt it a bit over-produced and auto-tuned by Akon. However unlike those infamous Casio tracks, I'm thrilled to say these are Michael's unaltered vocals!

 Personally, I'd prefer the demo take. But there are a few places worth noting on the new version. For one, Michael's famous ad-lib upon the songs resolution. A crisp "mnnn-mmnnn" followed by a whispering theme very much like "Man In The Mirror" and "Cry". Also the climax has a chorus-Something MJ has always utilized in his compositions.

 As for the music video I thought it was O.K. Although I was hoping for recent never-before-scene-footage, the film still went fairly well with the songs theme. Below I've got the video in it's entirety. Click Here to purchase your copy of the single!

EU CD single

1. "Hold My Hand" - 3:32
2. "Hold My Hand" (vocals & orchestra) - 3:45
3. "Hold My Hand" (alternate mix) - 3:40
4. "Hold My Hand" (instrumental) - 3:31

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