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Keep Your Head Up

This is obviously unfinished and not up to Michael Jackson's standards. My theory is that MJ did a rough demo and for some reason never got around to finishing it(2 Seas fiasco?). After his death someone might've sang over his weak spots. Thereby patching it up. Another theory would be overproduction of a track that should not have been selected in the first place. Either way we shall(hopefully) find out when(if) the demos get leaked.

 Had Michael only been alive to complete this track this would've been another anthmic masterpiece! Just listen to the lyrics...

LyricsShe's lookin for a job and a finer place to stay,
She's lookin for the hope in the empty promising,
She's workin two jobs, keepin alive,
She works in a restaurant night and day
She waits her life away
She wipes the tears away

She cries inside every time she feels this way,
And she’s dying inside every time her baby cries, no

Keepin your head up to the sky,
Keepin your mind just stay alive,
Keepin …

Hollywood Tonight

Originally Michael wrote this during The Invincible Sessions. And started recording sessions around 2008. Unfortunately though it never got finished in time.

 Recently Teddy Riley combed through the archives and completed the track. Using Melodyne and auto-tone to bring it up to date for his first post-humorous release "Michael".

 I have a feeling had Jackson completed this track, you would've heard sharper horns, stronger(more melodious) backups, and more raw passion(with much more lyrics)!

But as it stands, here's "Hollywood Tonight" love it or hate it.:)

LyricsLipstick in hand
Tahitian tanned
in her painted on jeans

She dreams of fame
She changed her name
To one that fits the movie screen
She's headed for the big time, that means

She's going Hollywood
She's going Hollywood tonight
She's going Hollywood
She's going Hollywood tonight
She's going Hollywood
She's going Hollywood tonight
It's true, that you, may never ever…

"Michael"-A Critical Review

As promised here is my in depth review of Michael Jackson's post-humorous release "Michael".

Hold My Hand The album opens up on an Akon-sque note-and a fairly good one I might add. Towards the end, Michael does his signature hum and whisper we've all grown fond off through the years. All throughout the track, you can sense MJ's hand guiding the melody-especially upon the Demo. The choral work was a definite step in the right direction.

 Though I felt Akon's Konvict signature intro wasn't needed. Plus I wished he didn't change the lyrics from "Sweet music" to "They called him MJ"(too referential). Personal, I wasn't too fond of the added Hip-Hop synths as I thought more of it as an R&B Ballad/Love song with an anthmic twist.

 However despite my little quibbles, I find "Hold My Hand opens "Michael" on a catchy note!


Hollywood Tonight Now this track rocks! The Gregorian Chant just gives it an ethereal start!…

Hold My Hand Akon Duet

On November 15th(when my PC was down), "Michael's debut single "Hold My Hand" made airwaves across the globe. Receiving generally raving reviews(but with few exceptions).

 While some were trumping it as an anthmic reminiscent of "You Are Not Alone". Others felt it a bit over-produced and auto-tuned by Akon. However unlike those infamous Casio tracks, I'm thrilled to say these are Michael's unaltered vocals!

 Personally, I'd prefer the demo take. But there are a few places worth noting on the new version. For one, Michael's famous ad-lib upon the songs resolution. A crisp "mnnn-mmnnn" followed by a whispering theme very much like "Man In The Mirror" and "Cry". Also the climax has a chorus-Something MJ has always utilized in his compositions.

 As for the music video I thought it was O.K. Although I was hoping for recent never-before-scene-footage, the film still went fairly well with the songs theme. Below I…