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8-Bit 80's

As a tribute to Michael Jackson, "Super Power Club" has included nostalgic renditions to both Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal for their latest album release "8-Bit 80's".

 You will also find such hits as "Sweet Dreams", "Cars", and "I of the Tiger" among other classics of that era! You can purchase a copy or sample their work Over Here.

An Interview With Michael Bearden

To commemorate Michael Jackson's passing, Jet Insider Magazine conducted interviews with four people who personally worked with the King of Pop on his comeback tour-This Is It!

 Well, tonight, I'd like to share with you a touching interview with Michael's musical director-Michael Bearden.

Take it way, Jet!

Q. Can you describe what it was like meeting Mike for the first time?

I actually met MJ back in 1993 in Mexico while I was working for Madonna. The first time I met MJ in a professional capacity was in 2001. I worked with him, his brothers and all the artists for the 30th anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. He was not at all what I thought he would be. Michael was easy to talk to, engaging and not as shy as I had heard. His brothers were around, so maybe he was in his comfort zone. I found him to be extremely professional and very detailed oriented. Michael knew what he wanted and how to get it, his talent speaks for itself.
Fast forward …

A Michael Jackson Game For Christmas!

Just last month UBIsoft had announced the incarnation of a new Michael Jackson video game just in time for the 2010 holiday season. The big three gaming consoles(including their portable counterparts) shall have their own version of MJ-The Experience! No word on the exact title as of yet.

 But we do know the game will be an interactive dance/karaoke hybrid. You will get the chance to simulate The Moonwalk(among other moves) or dance like a ham-right next to the King himself(the computer reads your body motion and will simulate your likeness as an avatar on-screen)! Plus you'll have the opportunity to warm-up those vocals on many of his smash catalog hits including "Billie Jean" and "Beat It"! But don't you worry. If singing is not something your well-keen on, auto-tune is here to save the day!

 To coincide with this game release, X-Box 360 is introducing a new device to hook up to your console-termed Kinect technology. A Microsoft device which'll enab…