Michael Jackson Remixes Pt. 16

 Tony Moran, Ummah, and Mark Picchiotti(The Basstoy) were all three chosen to remix Michael Jackson's memorial anthem History! He also remixed a few editions to "Blood On The Dance Floor"-the track.

1. Tony Moran's HIStory Lesson

2. Tony Moran's HIStorical Dub(click on link above)

3. MARK!'s Vocal Club Mix

4. The Ummah Radio Mix

5. The Ummah Urban Mix(Go to "Radio Mix")

6. The Ummah DJ Mix(Go to "Radio Mix")

6. As a bonus, here is the official remix to Mj's song "2 Bad". Refugee Camp Mix


Stay tuned for some ghouly remixes to "Ghosts", "Is It Scary", and a few jammin' mixes to "Blood On The Dance Floor!

***Update*** The Remixes are now up!

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