Michael Jackson Remixes Pt 10

 To start off our expedition, we will be looking at the Scream mixes. Executed by the likes of David Morales, Naughty By Nature, Dave Jam Hall, and the History album co-producers Jam & Lewis.
Unlike the studio album cut, some of these remixes have edited-out the explicit F-word(The rest I did not bother to post).

Scream Mixes

1. Def Radio Mix

2. Pressurized Dub Two

3. Naughty Radio Mix

4. Naughty Main Mix

5. Pretty-Pella

6. Naughty Acappella

7. D.M. Extended R&B Mix

8. Dave Jam Hall's Extended Urban Mix

9. Scream Louder-Flyte Tyme Remix


Stay tuned for remixes to "They Don't Care About Us.

Edit: Remixes to They Don't Care About Us now up.

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