Two Off The Wall Home Demos

 :Today, let me focus your attention on two candid home demos done by Michael Jackson in his original Enrico Mansion. Two rough scratches intended for The "Off The Wall" Sessions.

Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough Demo

 Michael records the child-pangs of what would become "Off The Wall's" very first track-"Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough".

 Yes, the demo is no where's near complete as the recording is a scratch tape(studio jargon for dumb take or rough draft). The candid delivery does offer a unique spin on Mr. Jackson's musical and vocal techniques.

 Although his mother frowned upon the lyrics(thinking they were about sex), Michael reassured her the interpretation was vague and had nothing to do with promiscuity(In my opinion, I'd say it was puppy love).

Working Day and Night Demo

 Janet, Randy, and Michael Jackson fart around in The Enrico Studios. Then get serious as MJ sings a rough scratch of "Working Day and Night".

How do you take these scratch tapes? Do they give more depth to his arrangements? Or do you prefer completely mastered outtakes from his vault("This Is It" is any indication, I'll bet the majority of you will vote for the latter)?

Stay tuned for some Thriller Remixes(the eponymous titled track)!

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