Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Girl Is Mine Demo

 Our focus will shift to the exhilarating demo tapes of The Girl Is Mine. A song originally written and thought-out by Michael Jackson one night. Tweaked and manicured unto perfection in the following weeks!

Demo Take 1

 Our first draft takes us into the recording studio with Paul McCartney and Mr. Jackson(I've touched a little on their wonderful collaborations over Here).

 As you can tell, Michael is teaching Mecca a thing or two about the symphony playing inside his head. Notice how The Gloved One shares with the former Beatle how inspiration nudges his mind.

 It appears Michael is singing a somewhat different arrangement-Especially towards the end of the tape. I have a feeling we'll hear it in the years to come(assuming they laid it down).

The Girl Is Mine Take 2

 About a year prier, Michael records a solo complete with more ab-libs and extra verses. This edition opens up with a distinct subway screech. On a scratched recording.

The Girl Is Mine Demo Take 3

 The third tape was probably laid down a few months later. Notice the recording is a lot more clearer and in much better quality. With only subtle differences from that of the second demo(e.g. a less distinct opening).

Well, that about wraps it up. Stay tuned for a few Home Demos!

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