"Don't Stop" Remix #2

 We are now going to review another official remix to Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough. I've already gone through "Rodger's Underground Solution" over Here.

Masters At Work Remix Overview

 I wasn't too thrilled about this one(but then again, I'm not much for Electro nor Trance). For one, it's too repetitive monotonous. There's really not that much flexibility. This doesn't move me like the other remix.

 Though I did like the guitar riffs at the middle. I'm sure this mix could pass for a nightclub(I've seen much worse). Yet I want to flow with the rhythm and sound. Not jolt in a circular pattern.

 I wish Michael Jackson did his own remixes rather then outsources them to various DJ's. But that's just me.

Next: Rock With You Remix Take 1!

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