John Landis Slaps Michael Jackson Accross The Face

I got some bad news from the Emjay department. You guessed it. Another lawsuit has just been filed. This time from a long-time friend named John Landis. The guy who directed Thriller. His attorney claims Michael hasn't payed up his share of royalties.

But keep in mind Sony still owns the masters to most of Michael Jackson's hits. Yes Optimum(which was established by him in 83') does hold some claim to this Funky zombie flick. However, the deal in 1991 gave Sony the exclusive right to handle all royalty pay(including Michael's massive breakthrough). In exchange to merging and receiving a half slice to what became the largest catalog of all time in 1995(ATV/SONY BMI). So as you can tell, John Landis is going after the wrong guy(yet could you imagine, Sony would most likely give him the run-around). Hopefully after the much anticipated comeback, Michael will purchase all the rights and distribute evenly. For more on the case, check out the link below.

Wrap Exclusive: John Landis slaps singer with 'Thriller' lawsuit

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