Sunday, November 09, 2008

Outtakes From "The Jackson's" Era

 And now, for "The Jackson" tracks that never saw the light of day. We will now be looking at rejects from Michael Jackson's second era.

Complete Outtakes From "The Jacksons" Era

1. "That Girl", "We Are The One's", and "Somewhere In Time"-Album misfits from Leon Huff's production team.

2. "You Can't Win", "Follow The Yellow Brick Road", and "When You Wish Upon A Star"-Well, these aren't really outtakes but tracks which never found their way upon a studio album. The latter renditions were during Disney's 25th anniversary at Anaheim, California! Watch below...

3. "Slipped Away" and "Why Can't I Be"-Two unleaked outtakes from the "Triumph" album.

4. "Bad Company", "Doing Dirty", "Far Far Away", "Tender", "Still In Love With You", Power, "Victory", and "Nona"-Little(if anything) is known about these unleaked outtakes. Except "Victory"(which is a duet with "Freddy Mercury"). For more information on the song "Victory", check out Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury.

5. "There Must Be More To Life Then This"-A solo originally meant for Michael to go on "Victory. But neither "Queen" nor "The Sequined One" had time to spare. Eventually, Freddy released it on his own solo album. Years on down the road.

 And there you have it! Underground tracks which have been stuffed inside Michael's attic. Only allowed bread and water to survive. That concludes our journey through Michael Jackson's second era. Join me as I delve right into his next chapter-Off The Wall. Don't miss it!

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