Thursday, November 27, 2008

Michael Jackson 411 News Update!

 I am happy to report two things about Michael Jackson this evening. "Off The Wall 30"(I know...Rehash) and "a settlement over the Sheikh suit".

             A 30th Anniversary In Favor of "Off The Wall"

 Sony BMG(the U.K. division) has just confirmed a launching for "Off The Wall 30". Set to premier for February 9th next year! Other then a handful of rarities, demos, and outtakes nothing else has been confirmed on what we'll be getting.

 I just hope we don't wind up with another plethora of rubbish mixes(like "Thriller 25"). Now don't get me wrong. I think the remixes are O.K.(for today's music generation). However, I couldn't quite feel the soul Michael lavished upon the original, twenty five years ago. I sure hope he doesn't make the same mistakes for this project.

Source-Maximum Jackson(under Marni's post[#27]).

The MJ Vrs. shiek Case Appears Dismissed


 Well, after getting fixed to board for London this morning, his layers gave him the settlement gesture. Nothing has been leaked beyond these tid bits. But an agreement has been established between both party's, which could mean it's over! Just waiting for more confirmation.

 Had Michael gone to court, I firmly believe he would of embarrassed the crap out of this Prince(assuming Emjay's innocent). Not to mention a counter-suit where he'll be forced to cough-up the amount he demanded as an award to Michael(not sure if the high courts of England work like that).

 If this case is truly over, that means Michael Jackson can focus on the future without any distractions as there would be no more trials to divert his mega comeback(it's been a long time)!

[Update: Now the case is truly settled!-Source...and now I will close with a quote from Michael Jackson's New York Attorney(regarding his rumored conversion to Islam)...

"Jackson's New York lawyer, Londell McMillan, took the opportunity to trash a British press report that Jackson has become a Muslim. 'That's rubbish. It's completely untrue,' McMillan told reporters."
From the New York Daily News.

Stay tuned for another MJJ Report.

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