Music and Me

Michael Jackson started feeling the pangs of adolescence with the release of Music And Me

 Following up on our series with The Jackson 5 Era, we've thus covered "Big Boy", "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5", "ABC", "The Third Album", "The Jackson 5 Christmas Album", "Maybe Tomorrow", "Lookin' Through The Windows", "Skywriter", "G.I.T. Get It Together", "Dancing Machine", "Moving Violation", "Got To Be There", and finally "Ben". Now, let me give you an exposition of Michael Jackson's third solo LP, "Music and Me".

Music and Me

 Like a mother with her children, Motown did not want to let go of Michael's boyishness. But as they say, "Autumn leaves must fall".

 But they couldn't comprehend his vocals were in the process of being molded into something spectacular! Kind of like giving up something good for something better. Which is precisely what you'll see here.

 You'll find a mix of tenor and soprano throughout the albums contents. With the profound innocence of Wonder's "With a Child's Heart" to the "Johnny Raven" tenor in his voice. Climaxing on his titled single "Music and Me".

 If your dieing to find out how Michael sounded when his voice first cracked, then look no further! "Music And Me" has got it recorded!

1. With A Child's Heart

2. Up Again

3. All The Things You Are

4. Happy

5. Too Young

6. Doggin' Around

7. Johnny Raven

8. Euphoria

9. Morning Glow

10. Music and Me

 Join me next time as I walkthrough his final Motown record "Forever, Michael(officially)".

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