Sunday, September 21, 2008

Moving Violation

Moving Violation would be the last Jackson Five LP from Motown Records

 If you've missed out on my past critiques, be sure to visit their Steeltown record "Big Boy", followed with a plethora of Motown labels "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5", "ABC", "The Third Album", "The Jackson 5 Christmas Album", "Maybe Tomorrow", "Lookin' Through The Windows", "skywriter", "GIT: Get It Together", and "Dancing Machine". Now for our final Jackson Five reassessment, I give you "Moving Violation".

Moving Violation Review

 The Jackson Five wave farewell on their last Motown record "Moving Violation". From a more Funkier Discosque interpretation of "Forever Came Today" to the all-out imaginative ode to time "Time Explosion", The LP in many ways supersedes their last effort!

 Although it took them three records to get it right, "Moving Violation" just goes to prove The Jackson 5 are ready to translate into the age of Disco!

1. Forever Came Today

2. Moving Violation

3. (You Were Made) Especially For Me

4. Honey Love

5. Body Language(Do the Love Dance)

6. All I Do Is Think Of You

7. Breezy

8. Call of the Wild

9. Time Explosion

10. Through Thick and Thin


 And that ends our 9 album journey with The Jackson Five. Join me as I look into Michael Jackson's early Solo Career.

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