Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lookin' Through The Windows

Michael Jackson's very first cracks of puberty are featured on Lookin Through The Windows

 For the last couple of weeks, we've been reviewing Jackson 5 records. So far we've covered, Big Boy, Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5, ABC, Third Album, and Maybe Tomorrow. So today, I'd like to introduce you to the next album per say.


 Hesitant to broadcast Michael's transcending vocals, Motown grabs quite a few archived tracks to fill in the gaps. Most notably "Don't Let Your Baby Catch You" and the preppy "Children of The Light". The title track is very reminicent to the theme from "Shaft"-A 1972 film.

 Famous Motown covers like Bobby Day's "Little Bitty Pretty One, Jackson Brown's "Doctor My Eyes", and the Marvin Gaye Tammie Terrel duo "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing" were refreshingly covered quite nicely on this LP. Most other tracks have a few cute catchy riffs. But fall short in comparison to their past 6 albums.

 Although there were a few awesome tracks on there, "Lookin' Through The Windows" is a bit disappointing. Though not a flop by any means.

1. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing

2. Lookin' Through The Windows

3. Don't Let Your Baby Catch You

4. To Know

5. Doctor My Eyes

6. Little Bitty Pretty One

7. E-Ne-Me-Ne-Mi-Ni-Moe (The Choice is Yours to Pull)

8. If I Have to Move a Mountain

9. Don't Want To See Tomorrow

10. Children of the Light

11. I Can Only Give You Love


 I hope you enjoyed our little discourse on "The Windows", care to join me for Skywriter?

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