J5 "Hum Along and Dance"

 The A-Side of Get It Together closes on a note of regurgitation(taking something already done before. Then maybe add a sound hear or there. But lacking uniqueness). Now mind you, I think they did wonderful. Just nothing new.

 "The Temptations" were the first to ones on this Motown label. On their 1970 "Psychedelic Shack" album(click Here for a sample). Then Norman & Berry(original composers) gave it to "Rare Earth"(go Here for their sample) and finally "The Jackson 5" on a more Funkadelic vibe in 1973.
The lyrics are very simple and to the point.

"Ain't no words to this song.
You just dance and hum along.
Ain't no words to this song.
You just dance and hum along."

Additional vocals include, "We ain't got time to write" "Take a stroll through your mind" and "get it Tito!"

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