Got To Be There

To compete with Donnie Osborne, Berry Gordy set up Michael Jackson as a solo artist starting with Got To Be There

 We've already covered all 9 Jackson 5 albums. Starting with Big Boy, Diana-Ross-Presents-Jackson-5, ABC, The Third Album, "The Jackson 5 Christmas Album", Maybe Tomorrow, Lookin' Through The Windows, Skywriter, Get It Together, and Moving Violation.

 Our next series will focus on Michael Jackson's early solo career with four albums from Motown. First, we'll be looking at "got To Be There". Released in early 1972.

Got To Be There

 After the Jackson Five dwindled a bit, Berry Gordy seeing potential, gave Michael Jackson a shot as a solo. With energetic dexterity and vocal flexibility, this little "Smooth Criminal" sure pulled it off with "Got To Be There".

 Whoever thought it smart to leave out "I Hear A Symphony"(another Supreme cover) must be kicking themselves right now! Michael's pure and unadulterated touch make this a rare jewel to be possessed!

 "Ain't No Sunshine", "Got To Be There" and "In Our Small Way" are such buoyant and catchy medleys, Gordy's investment surly paid off. It's this sort of hard work and dedication which drove him to the stratosphere 10 years later!

 Further remakes of "Rockin' Robin" and "You've Got A Friend" goes to show you his amazing versatile vocal-range and erratic spins to existing concepts. All in all, I'd definitely would recommend you go out and buy a copy!

1. Ain't No Sunshine

2. I Wanna Be Where You Are

3. Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me

4. In Our Small Way

5. Got To Be There

6. Rockin' Robin

7. Wings of My Love

8. Maria (You Were the Only One)

9. Love Is Here and Now Your Gone

10. You've Got A Friend

11. I Hear A Symphony

 Stick around for a comprehensive review on his next album "Ben".

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