Get It Together

Get It Together would be a turning-point for the Jackson Five from Bubblegum Soul to Funky Pre-Disco

 Speaking of the Jackson Five, we've already covered "Big Boy", "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5", "ABC", "The Third Album", "The Jackson 5 Christmas Album","Maybe Tomorrow", "Lookin' Through The Windows", "skywriter", and now let's hear it for G.I.T.(Get It Together)!

 This will be the very first Motown LP to experiment with Pre-Disco Funk. Since Mr. Gordy became preoccupied with the filming industry, not one song was covered by "The Corporation". Thus, The Jackson Brothers would ditch Bubblegum Soul in favor of a more Temptationsque affect.

 Had it not been for the danced-infused pre-Disco combo of "Dancing Machine", I would have said stick with Bubblegum. Other then The Funkilisious rendition of 'Reflections"(by The Supremes) and the retro "It's Too Late to Change The Time" Motown has really restricted and then stranded The Jackson 5.

 Counting the outtake in(a cover to Marvin Gaye's "Pride and Joy"), I'd say 60% of the album is quite dull. Those four tracks coupled with Michael's energetic performances keep this album and The Jackson 5 from plopping.

1. Get It Together

2. Don't Say Goodbye Again

3. Reflections

4. Hum Along and Dance

5. Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing(Don't Say No)

6. It's Too Late to Change the Time

7. You Need Love Like I Do (Don't You)

8. Dancing Machine

9. Pride and Joy

 That about wraps our journey through "Get It Together". Don't forget our next LP review-"Dancing Machine"!

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