Dancing Machine

The Jackson 5 briefly got back to prominence with their successful Dancing Machine single reaching #2

 So far, our Jackson Five journey has taken us through "Big Boy", "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5", "ABC", "The Third Album", "The Jackson 5 Christmas Album", "Lookin'Through The Windows", "Skywriter", "GIT: Get It Together", and now may I present to you "Dancing Machine"!

Dancing Machine Review

 After the singles success, The Jackson Five briefly had a small comeback! Unfortunately, the outdated material Motown was throwing at them caused the boys to lose flavor with the pubic once more. Finally, their father had it up to here. Once again, he was window-shopping, looking for a new label.

 Only three tracks stand out on this album. Michael's fully matured vocal for"What You Don't Know" and "The Mirrors of My Mind" are quaint if not enjoyable. The extravagant remix to "Dancing Machine" is the only number pullings it's weight on this LP.

 Those previous tunes aside, there's not much to write home about on this record. The Jackson 5 must go label hopping before it's too late.

1. I Am Love

2. Whatever You Got, I Want

3. She's a Rhythm Child

4. Dancing Machine

5. The Life of the Party

6. What You Don't Know

7. If I Don't Love You This Way

8. It All Begins and Ends With Love

9. The Mirrors of My Mind


 Stay tuned, or you'll get a "Moving Violation".

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