Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jackson Five "Chained"

 Comparing the two Motown icons, it looks to be a very close call. However the J5 tempo is a little more upbeat and synchromatic. But once again it caters more to the Bubble Gum nitch

 You can even spot Little Michael cooing a bit. foreshadowing what is to come from Off The Wall, Thriller and on forth.

 Frank Wilson originally composed this song for Marvin Gay...Click Here to have a listen. Now let's hear it for the boys!..


Seems like yesterday
You were in my arms
And in a special way
You touched my heart with all your charms.
Now you're gone
And I find myself
Baby, I'm all alone
And there's no love left.

Hey! Hey!

Don't know why I failed.
For you I've always cared
And I did all I know
To win your love and make it so
You'd always stay
But you turned away.
Honey, what could I say?
How could you
How could you do me this way?

Cuz I'm chained
To your love and affection.
Chained cuz your love
Is my only direction

Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh.
I've got to make it right
Somehow it all went wrong

Somewhere down the line
The love I lost
The love I gotta find
Whoa! and it won't be long
I've gotta make it right baby
And carry you tenderly back home.
I'm chained
To your love and affection.
Baby, chained to your love.
When I hear your name
How I tremble, how I tremble, yeah.
Honey, you know, honey, you know, yeah.

Now I admit that I
Haven't been the perfect guy
For a girl as sweet as you
But my heart and soul cries out to you.

One more chance that's all I need
I'm gonna make it right, baby,
Now you just stay won't you stay with me?

Cuz I'm chained
To your love and affection.
Baby, I'm chained cuz your love
Is my only direction.
I'm chained...

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