Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Found That Girl

 "I found That Girl" comes from the highly acclaimed Jackson Five album ABC.

 For a change, big brother Jermaine takes the lead. While little Michael does the back-ups along-side Tito, Jackie, and Marlin. This was right before his voice cracked.

 A classic cotton-candy romantic that swept many pre-adolescent girls out of their socks! So much so, the Billboard charts featured this as an A-side on their major hit "The Love You Save". You can purchase the vinyl right Here!


Mama, oh mama, I found that girl
Mama, oh mama, I found that girl

Mama, life for me now is a new sensation
Just like you said it would be with the right situation
Now love has a meaning and I have a goal
This feeling inside makes yesterday a hundred years old

Now I understand what is it to be a man
The way you explained to me that day
You said only the right girl can make me feel this way

Mama, I think I found that girl
Mama, I think I found that girl

Mama, she's that beautiful dream that I dream each night
She's like that bird of love on whose wings I'm in flight
She's those words left when there's no more to say
She's my sunshine at the end of a perfect day

All this LETS me find a reason to be alive
The day when you sat me upon your knees
You said only the right girl could be all these things


You said, "Son, go and search around
There's a good girl who's out there to be found."

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