Michael Jackson's ET Song

Partly as a consequence of not making the "Thriller" cut, "Someone In The Dark" was considered for the soundtrack of Steven Spielberg's Extra Terrestrial(ET). But unfortunately, this too got dumped from the final selection. However, there are still a few rare singles floating around somewhere.

I can see why it was an outtake. "Thriller" has such an upbeat tracklist with a lot of Funk and Soul. Just to add this in the mix would throw a fly in the ointment. Yes, The Song is just wonderful, but does not go with the Thriller flow. Yet this will always be remembered as Michael's "Thriller medleys .

This is a beautiful balled from Michael's childlike heart. About a friend very much like him. whom society makes a big deal of but doesn't want a part of his personal life. Michael empathizes, promising to fill that void up with a friendship. "The Gloved One" has a keen knack for bringing his audience back to simpler times.

Someone In The Dark - Michael Jackson

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